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Friday, September 22, 2006

Branscomb California, September 2006

Branscomb California, September 2006

for angie

When you're caught in the current
of the freeway
tumbled and tossed
until the music's turned to noise,
Sit by still water.
Go uphill
to a spot where
the stream is narrow
enough to dam.
Slow the rush to a trickle
make a pool
which reflects the
color of the mountains,
and if you can,
a bit of the sky.
Watch that bit carefully
keep your eyes on that spot
where the last tree
breaks off and blue
Pay attention to the
The swoop and swallow
of the small ones,
the open winged soar
of the ravens and the buzzards,
the lazy turns of the
Leave the pelicans
for another day.
There is no need
for their ragged line on the horizon
nor their sudden dive and splash
into the breakers.
Leave the sea today.
Go up hill.
Sit still.
to still water.


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